The Energize Delaware Home Energy Loan program is for qualifying Delaware homeowners looking to finance energy-saving home improvements. The low-cost loan helps Delawareans make their home energy efficient while minimizing out-of-pocket costs. As a participating contractor in the HPwES program, you will also want to become a participant for the following reasons:

  1. It’s an easy sell.

The loan program is an affordable option when explained to the customers correctly. Check out the list of details below to use as selling points:

  • Special 5.99% unsecured (no collateral or lien) financing (most banks will require a lien on the home or collateral for a much higher interest rate)
  • Loan amount from $1,000-$30,000 (customer can get more done at once to increase savings and comfort)
  • Up to 10 years to repay (customer can set smaller payments if on a fixed income)
  • No prepayment penalty (customer can pay back if they come into additional money without a charge)
  • Easy to apply online with quick turnaround
  1. It’s easy to receive payment.

This loan program is designed to pair seamlessly with the HPwES program. The eligible projects covered by the loan are the same as HPwES's rebate-eligible projects. Once the customer's terms are determined and the loan approved, payment is given directly to the contractor. The contractor is not charged a fee for this service, and all funds are deposited directly into a checking or savings account. The customer can apply for the loan online and be approved within a few business days.

  1. It's easy to start up.

Before a loan can be approved for a contractor to receive payment, the contractor must be a participant of the loan program. This can be done by applying online at The contractor will provide basic company and banking information. There is a one-time $100 fee, and this is the only fee associated with the program. After the registration is sent, the contractor will be asked to provide a copy of their Delaware state business license to The contractor will be notified within a couple business days if they are added to the list of participating contractors.


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