How to Participate


To become an Energize Delaware contractor, companies need to have a BPI-certified Building Analyst or Energy Advisor and Envelope Professional on staff and must be EPA Lead-Safe Renovator certified.  If you need any of these certifications, please see below.

  1. Obtain and maintain EPA’s Lead-Safe Certification.
  2. Purchase or have available diagnostic equipment required of home performance contractors to conduct assessments and sell comprehensive work effectively.
  3. Download, sign and submit the Contractor Participation Agreement with your Program Application to demonstrate the capacity of your business to participate in the program.
  4. Learn to use the Home Energy Advisor software, a nationally recognized tool for estimating energy savings from proposed work, which helps you produce professional reports for customers and report evaluations and installed work to Energize Delaware.

If your firm already has the required certifications to participate in Energize Delaware, please click here:

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To learn how to obtain and/or maintain BPI certifications, click here: